About Us

We care about your health

MeFit Solutions is the one stop shop for all your fitness needs, from fitness testing, bespoke workout programs including nutrition guidance, right through to Sports Massage to relieve any aching muscles.

Whether you are recovering from injury, starting out, or training for sport, we can fulfill all your training needs.

Body balance is key to living a healthy lifestyle whilst reducing the risk of unforeseen injuries and illnesses.
Functional training will help you carry out your daily routines with greater ease (walking up and down stairs for example) and help keep down your body fat (in conjunction with a balanced diet)

Sports Massage can help you destress after a hectic day, relax tight muscles from workouts or bad posture, and stretch muscles to give greater range of motion.

From the Trainers

Mick Essien

Personal Trainer & Self Defence Specialist

I have been training people for 20 years now and love it!!! Every session is different, every client is different. For me, seeing people improve is my biggest kick. From seeing people believe they can’t, to looking back and dismissing their old self.

I have studied Tae Kwon-Do for around 20 years now, and have had my own club since March 2007.

I’m a firm believer that training methods should be individual, and even though there may be a group to teach, each member of that group may learn in different ways and progress at different rates, so options are vital.

I am
– REPS registered Personal Trainer
– Sports Massage Therapist (Registered with the FHT)
– Qualified in Sports Strapping and Taping
– Currently a 4 th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do
– Registered Tae Kwon-Do instructor (GBTF and ITC Registered)

I have trained 3 World Champions in Tae Kwon-Do and hope to have more in November 2020.

 “I am dedicated to my clients and my students as after all, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them.”

Nakeeta Patel

Personal Trainer & Self Defence Specialist

I have studied Tae Kwon-Do since the age of 8, so well over 20 years now. From my first lesson I was hooked. It helped me to become more confident in my own abilities, made me stronger, more flexible, and gave me self-discipline. Tae Kwon-Do is largely responsible for the person I am today.

I am currently a 4 th Degree Black Belt and have competed, and won, many regional and national competitions, and would love to top it off with a world title in November 2020.

I have partnered in running Essien & NK Tae Kwon-Do since 2007, passing on the knowledge I have gained in my time as a student of the Art.

 “Watching students grow from being total novices into confident martial artists is the biggest return I get.”